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Halloween 2015 Walden Pond newsletter, here:

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2015: Funny faces and bad pictures

that you won't see anywhere else!



Of course, everyone's a winner at Walden...

But sometimes you gotta give credit where it's due!

2015 Competition WINNERS... coming soon


Color Clash 2015 Winners

1st Session:

2nd Session:

Counselor Hunt


1st Session:


Capture the Camp
2015 Winner:

1st Session:
2nd Session:

Mission Impossible Winners:

1st Session:

Golden Dustpan Winners:

1st Session boys:
1st Session girls:

2nd Session boys:

2nd Session girls:



Walden Idol 2015 Winners

1st Session:

2nd Session: G-18 (official); B-11 (audience favorite!)

Birthday Bingo

Coming soon...


Our Artist-in-Residence: Martin Beek

Below: Sketches of the Pit, the Office, the Infirmary and the Lakefront


Martin Beek drawing of The Pit

camp accredited