Pay-in-full by October 15 for an additional $100 off your camper’s tuition.

The deposit for all regular sessions is $1350 ($300 for the Mini Mini). You may cancel without penalty through January 15. Walden prefers payments by check or echeck. Credit-card payments are subject to a 3.5 percent service charge on deposits and all payments thereafter.

We strongly recommend purchasing program protection insurance in the event you need to withdraw your camper’s registration this winter or spring. This option is available in our application and through other third-party providers.

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Transportation 2021

Walden provides charter bus service to and from Detroit, Chicago and Cleveland for First Session; and Detroit and Chicago for Second Session. Buses feature air-conditioning and bathrooms and, on the way to camp, make a stop for lunch.

Families already in Northern Michigan may drop off campers for First and Second sessions at a designated location in Cheboygan for transfer to camp on June 21 and July 19. There is no parent drop-off at camp on those days.


Saturday, July 31 to Tuesday, August 3

Our three-night “rookie camp” provides an introduction to Walden for rising 1st-3rd graders. These campers live in cabins of no more than seven children with three counselors. Walden staff accompany Mini Mini campers to their A-B activities, which they chose prior to their arrival. Mini Mini campers eat their meals in the Mess Hall with the rest of camp and may participate in some regular Evening Programs and Special Day events, too. Walden does not provide transportation to or from the Mini Mini Session; our staff meet families in Cheboygan for drop-off. Parents pick up at camp on Tuesday morning. Space is limited!

Registration FAQ

Covid-19 remains a major issue, which begs the question: Will Walden open in 2021?!

Yes! We are 110 percent committed to running our full seven-week program. We will move forward based upon the Covid-19 blueprint that we devised last spring, and which other camps used successfully this past summer. The only way we would NOT run would be if the state or federal government prevented us from doing so, or a force majeure prohibits our opening.

How will camp prepare if the Covid-19 pandemic remains a health threat?

Walden is proceeding under the assumption that there will NOT be a widely available vaccine for the virus in the spring. However, we do believe that–as scientific knowledge continues to grow and inexpensive rapid-testing becomes increasingly accessible–that summer 2021 will be a far less fraught environment in which to safely run camp. Having spent months preparing to open camp last summer, during the height of the pandemic, we are well-versed in the protocols and precautions that may still be required in 2021 to lower the risk to our camp community.

I rolled over some of my 2020 payment to camp for 2021. Do I still have to fill out an application?

Yes. A parent or legal guardian must fill out the 2021 application online and agree to the Terms and Conditions. All of the basic information you entered last year will populate the fields automatically.

What if you ARE forced to close due to Covid-19, by government or some other force majeure? Will I get my money back?

Yes. If Covid-19 forces another closure, we would offer the same options to families as we did last summer, including full refunds.

What are the deadlines for registration?

The pay-in-full discount ($100) has expired as of October 16. The Early Registration Discount ($150-$250) expires after December 15. For those who rolled over their deposits or more last summer, the deadline for locking into 2020 tuition rates is January 15. Tuition-in-full is due April 15. Late registration fees kick in May 1.