The deposit for all regular sessions is $1350 ($300 for the Mini Mini). Walden prefers payments by check or echeck. Credit-card payments are subject to a 3.5 percent service charge on deposits and all payments thereafter.
For covid-19 information and how Walden will address the virus, please see our 2021 Covid Update page.


      • Cancellations between January 16 and March 1 will incur a fee of $500.
      • Cancellations between March 2 and April 14 will incur a fee of $750.
      • Cancellations between April 15 and May 1 will forfeit a camper’s entire $1350 deposit.

After May 1, there will be no refund of tuition due to cancellations. Your original and entire financial obligation to Walden for your camper’s previously enrolled session will remain your responsibility. For example, a family whose camper is registered for First Session but must cancel after May 1, is still obligated to Walden for the entirety of the $5,700 tuition. We strongly recommend purchasing Program Protection Insurance for your camper’s tuition. See below.

Additionally, no refunds will be given for reductions in session length after May 1 (i.e. your camper is registered for First Session and decides to switch to the two-week Mini Session.)

Program insurance (sometimes called trip insurance) can cover the majority of your tuition fees if you must cancel your camper’s session at camp. There are levels of coverage up to “cancel-for-any-reason,” which may reimburse for cancellations based solely on concern about covid-19 spread at camp. Please read these policies carefully and note that there are time-constraints on how soon you need to purchase them after your camper has been enrolled. Walden is not financially affiliated with any of these insurance companies, but CampMinder has partnered with TravMark to offer the plan available in our application.

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Transportation 2021

Please keep in mind that transportation options may change depending upon public-health recommendations. Walden currently plans to provide charter bus service to and from Detroit, Chicago and Cleveland for First Session (June 21 and July 17); and Detroit and Chicago for Second Session (July 19 and August 7).

We also plan to offer return transportation from camp to the Detroit area on July 3 and July 31. Buses feature air-conditioning and bathrooms.

Space may be limited by the need to distance campers seated on the bus.

Families already in Northern Michigan may drop off campers for First and Second sessions at camp, on our Athletic Field, but parents will be asked to remain in their cars. Families picking up on July 3 and July 31 will be asked to meet their campers in a location off-camp on those days.


Saturday, July 31 to Tuesday, August 3

Our three-night “rookie camp” provides an introduction to Walden for rising 1st-3rd graders. These campers live in cabins of no more than seven children with three counselors. Walden staff accompany Mini Mini campers to their A-B activities, which they choose prior to their arrival. Mini Mini campers eat their meals in the Mess Hall with the rest of camp* and may participate in some regular Evening Programs and Special Day events, too. Walden does not provide transportation to or from the Mini Mini Session; our staff meet families in Cheboygan for drop-off and (most likely in 2021) for pick up. Space is limited!

*Like our regular sessions, changes to the Mini Mini Session may be necessary due to covid-19 protocols.